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Ox-eye Daisy strip of 4 plugsOx-eye Daisy strip of 4 plugs
Purple LoosestrifePurple Loosestrife
Ragged RobinRagged Robin
Red CampionRed Campion
Red CloverRed Clover
Rosebay WillowherbRosebay Willowherb
Sweet CicelySweet Cicely
Teasel plantsTeasel plants
Umbellifer collectionUmbellifer collection
Water mintWater mint
Water PlantainWater Plantain
Wild BlackberryWild Blackberry
Wild Garlic MustardWild Garlic Mustard
wild geranium collectionwild geranium collection
Wild IvyWild Ivy
Willow Cuttings collection -for winter plantingWillow Cuttings collection -for winter planting
willow kits for dens, obelisks, basketswillow kits for dens, obelisks, baskets
Yellow FlagYellow Flag
Yellow Rattle seedlingsYellow Rattle seedlings

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