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Populus tremula.   These grow into tall, elegant trees whose pointed leaves flutter in the slightest breeze. They also have bright yellow autumn colour. They tend to sucker and form groves which are biologically rich with herbs, shrubs, insects, birds and berries, because they don't cast too much shade. The base-rich bark of Aspen provides a suitable medium for many rare and threatened mosses and lichens. One hundred and thirty species of lichen and 12 lichenicolous fungi have been recorded on Aspen in Strathspey, Scotland. The bark of Aspens can be both fissured and smooth. The characteristic 'diamond-shaped' rough parts provide a coarse substrate favouring some species such as the 'strap-like' green Ramalina spp. some of them up to 25cm long. The smooth areas host a different suite of lichens such as Lecidella elaeochroma and Pertusaria or Arthonia spp. which are crustose. 

small trees approximately 2 to 3 feet tall available in winter, bare-rooted 

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