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We all know that our wildlife has been hit seriously by loss of habitat and the use of pesticides and weedkillers in the last 50 years. Many gardeners would like to not use these harmful chemicals at all, but it is very difficult sometimes when we see our prize plants being destroyed! Encouraging other wildlife that actually eats a lot of the plant pests is one great way to get round the problem. eg. The Hedgehog eat loads of slugs - but he can also be poisoned by slug pellets containing metaldehyde. There is a new brand of slug pellet on the market which is claimed to be safe for wildlife; 'Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer '.

Encourage hedgehogs to visit - see  for more information.

Meanwhile at 7wells, we include in this section traditional country wild foods that are becoming increasingly popular, propagated from plants on our own land, or rescued from development projects. (It is illegal to dig up wild plants, now that so many have become scarce.) there is an excellent foraging website at; 

Comfrey for Organic gardenersComfrey for Organic gardeners
10 small coir pots and compost10 small coir pots and compost
A Book on Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and other beneficial insectsA Book on Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and other beneficial insects
Broad-leaved Thyme
Bronze FennelBronze Fennel
Hedgerow JamHedgerow Jam
Horsetail - dried topsHorsetail - dried tops
Insect predator plants collectionInsect predator plants collection
Kale - Perennial Carvolo NeroKale - Perennial Carvolo Nero
Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss'Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss'
Here are some tried and tested recipes for wild and foraged food! Plus for those gluts of your home-grown veggies
Shoo-fly plantShoo-fly plant
Sloe bush (Blackthorn)Sloe bush (Blackthorn)
Sweet CicelySweet Cicely
Wild BlackberryWild Blackberry
Wild Garlic LeavesWild Garlic Leaves
wild or 'Alpine' strawberrywild or 'Alpine' strawberry
wild rosewild rose
Worm cast fertiliserWorm cast fertiliser
Yellow Rattle seedlingsYellow Rattle seedlings

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