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Since dyes were first used, ancient peoples also knew about chemicals that if added would greatly enhance the colour and staying power of natural pigments. They tested other natural products for these qualities - some of them now known to be very toxic like lead and tin are not recommended for use by home-dyers any more.
Although no chemical is entirely free from hazard, the products offered below will present a low to no health risk, provided that good standards of hygiene are observed in their use and storage. All persons handling them should take precautions to avoid accidental ingestion, inhalation, skin/eye contact; wearing rubber gloves and using the dye bath outside are good precautions. The utensils used for dyeing should not be used for other domestic purposes (eg. food) and do not leave open jars or bottles where children or pets can get at them.
Instructions on the safe use of each product are available free with purchase.
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Soda AshSoda Ash

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