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Pond Conservation is finding out more about the wildlife of our garden and school ponds. Making a pond is one of the best things to do for wildlife in the garden but we’ve got surprisingly little idea about what’s really living in our ponds – the water beetles and water boatmen, the shrimps, slaters, water snails and dragonflies, the water fleas and wetland plants. And of course we're keen to find out how amphibians are using our garden ponds, too.


So to help make our ponds even better wildlife habitats see;

Our plants below are all native British plants, propagated from local sustainable sources, apart from the pink meadowsweet that comes from North America.There is a lot of concern over some invasive foreign species currently available in some garden centres - go to the following internet site to find out which species to avoid;

Marsh or Bog garden plantsMarsh or Bog garden plants
Click on this picture for a list of plants that like to grow in damp conditions.
Burr ReedBurr Reed
Greater SpearwortGreater Spearwort
Water mintWater mint
Yellow FlagYellow Flag
Bog BeanBog Bean
Broad-leaved pondweed(Potamogeton natans)Broad-leaved pondweed(Potamogeton natans)
Devil's Bit ScabiousDevil's Bit Scabious
Horse tailHorse tail
native oxygenators collectionnative oxygenators collection
Water PlantainWater Plantain

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