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Jan Miller BSc., author of 'Gardening for Butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects' (see books section), runs Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants. She sits on the Welsh Government Pollinator Taskforce and wrote their recommended plant list. She designs wildlife gardens which have won 'Britain in Bloom' gold medals and has been a very active volunteer for Butterfly Conservation for 20 years and a member of the Conservation Committee of North Wales Wildlife Trust for over 10 years. She was a Trustee of the Wildlife Gardening Forum and conference organiser for 6 years, and member of the Garden Media Guild; appearing on BBC Gardener's World and local radio and writing articles for newspapers and magazines.

Jan and the National Collection of Eupatorium were featured on BBC2 Gardener's World on Friday 4th October, you can see the clip on our Home page.

Saith Ffynnon means 'Seven Springs' or 'Seven Wells' in Welsh. We live on a spring-line between limestone and neutral loam near the North Wales coast, and hence have a moist and gentle climate where we grow lots of wildlife gardening plants - from butterfly-attracting flowers to coloured willows to feed caterpillars that feed birds and bats. We have 8 acres where there is a wildflower meadow, butterfly garden, natural ponds and woods, and also the National Collection of Eupatoriums. We are not a garden centre that is normally open to visit - but you are welcome to contact us for an appointment to come and see the gardens and wildlife projects.

All our plants are grown in peat-free compost, often mixed with white perlite (a natural inert mineral product) and kept in as small pots as possible (average 4-inch) to reduce weight and thus keep postage costs to you as low as possible. Most of our plants are propagated by us here.
We try to be as green as possible by re-cycling local businesses' packaging - and you can further re-cycle the cardboard boxes in your compost heap (worms love cardboard!)
Some wild plants are sent out bare-rooted as they do not grow at all well in pots.

Recent letters of appreciation of our service;


 Dear Jan, Thank you so much for the first assignment and your wonderful book.

I began managing four acres of land I own for the benefit of pollinators a couple of years ago.  As a beginner in this, I’ve read dozens of books on wildlife gardening etc. to try and educate myself on what I can do. I can already see that your book and the first lecture stand head and shoulders above the majority of them because it is based on lived experience, expertise and a true passion for pollinators. It makes such a change to read information that goes beyond generalities cobbled together to catch a growing publishing market on the topic. Thank you - your work will be an invaluable aid.

I loved (the special edition of BBC Gardener's World from your garden) - you did a brilliant job of conveying both the joys and the urgency of creating habitat for pollinators. Same theme for me as well - moving beyond generalities into the specifics of what people can actually achieve in their own gardens and on their land. You are  a very skilled communicator. Kind regards,Sian


Hi Jan
I bought this dwarf ivy from you in 2018; this year it has produced a lot of flowers, and here you see a red admiral enjoying himself
(11th october!!)

Best Regards

Dennis Dell


Dear Jan

I thought I would write and say thank you so much for the replacement plants. We have yellow rattle plants, flowers and seed pods for the first time successfully growing in our garden which is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much.  Beth wishes, Einir


Plants and seeds received in good condition. Thanks. I've taken over management of my neighbour's garden which has been abandoned for years and I'm attempting to make it an interesting wild garden to attract into the environs butterflies, bees, birds etc. Robert Joy


Thank you for the seeds and plants and for the extra woad plants, in case the seeds do not get growing.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.Keep smiling Jean

28th April 2021;

Plants received in very good condition.
It's up to me now!
Many thanks,

13th March 2021

Hi Jan; Just to let you know I received your plants today, very strong and healthy indeed – much better quality than any I have bought previously from other wildflower plant suppliers by far. Thank you for finding second year plants for me, and thanks also for the seed, very thoughtful of you.

I planted all of them today, within an hour or so of receipt – I also scattered the seed around these plants and raked them in, I have read scientific literature that indicates that most plants acquire colonies of soil microbes and fungi beneficial to that particular species, so I think the chances of germination will be higher near already established plants.

I’m so impressed I will be taking a look around your site at the other plants you supply, although I think my “wildflower meadow and garden” is pretty well stocked now for this year – it may be next year now before I need to order again. Thanks again, and best regards, Mike

18th. November 2020

Hello Jan

Just to let you know I’ve heard from my golden wedding couple who were absolutely delighted with their “Golden Glow”. They said it is currently being coddled in the greenhouse. They were very pleased to see it has some new green shoots on it. So thank you very much for sending it.


11th November, 2020

Dear Jan
Absolutely delighted with my plants that arrived safely yesterday evening and duly planted out today! I especially loved the English Elm which after 20+ years completes my Bach Forest Garden of all 38 plants from the Bach Flower Remedies. Many thanks!

07 July 2020 15:14
Subject: Re: Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants - Order Status Updated

Thank you so much. Package received today and planted up already!

We are very satisfied customers. Excellent customer service. We will recommend.

With thanks, Glenys and family.


Hello Jan.

Thank you so much for the replacement Clematis.

It has arrived safe and looks beautiful

Wonderful customer service.

I look forward to perchasing from you again.

Best wishes, Maria


plant arrived safely -- in good condition -- so exciting i have not had one of these for over 20 years !! they are fantastic thank you Fiona


Thank you your order arrived today, well packaged and all in great condition.

I have followed your planting guidance and look forward to seeing them grow, flower and attract butterflies. I had this in my old garden and they were great.

Regards, Sally

Fri 24/April/2020

Thank you for the plants which have arrived safely and in good condition.

I just wanted to say how great Jan’s book is! I’m finding it the most helpful book that I’ve read on how to create a butterfly, bee and insect friendly garden. It’s very clear, well laid out, informative and encouraging. I particularly appreciate the information on what plants suit which soils and the tips on growing them.

Is it ok if I do a post about the book on Facebook? Best wishes Jenny

Thu 19/03/2020 09:48

Hi Jan,Just a quick email to say the costmary plant has just arrived safely and is looking fine.

Thanks for the rapid delivery - and the excellent packaging. David

sent; Fri 13/03/2020 16:59

Good Afternoon Jan,I received the package today. Many thanks.I've already potted the willowherb up in a very large tub and the Aspen is also in the ground. I'm very pleased with the order. Please do let me know if I owe you any money.Kind regards,Stephen

Sent: 17 August 2019 08:30
Subject: Re: Your Order at Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants

Hello Jan,

Thank you very much for the honesty, which I've now received. I'm impressed that it was well packed and arrived without any damage.

Kind regards,


15th May 2017

Jan, The Madder you sent me is fine: and you even sent me an extra one because the seedlings were on the small side! All the other plants you sent me are growing away strongly too. Warm Regards, Julienne
3rd. May 2017

Hi Jan
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the plants you delivered last week, they are wonderful (thanks for the extras!), all planted out and I'm looking forward to a beautiful display. I will be placing another order with you over the next few weeks.
Dave Heyes

April 8th 2015;
Thanks, Jan - tree arrived in good condition (well-packed!).  Lovely root system.
Alec Mackonochie

Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015 2:00 PM

My plant arrived before lunch, beautifully packed - what great service.
Lovely little plant - just showing signs of growth - now planted up (in
container) and sitting in a sheltered part o the garden.
Thank you so much.
June Galea
28th April 2013

Dear Jan
Just a quick note to say that the parcels arrived on Saturday morning.  We cleared the green slime from the polytunnel pond and got the new oxygenators in straight away.  Pond looking much cleaner after only a few hours.  Have transferred the tadpoles back in and frogs have returned of their own accord.  All much improved.  You mentioned that you hadn't been able to supply the range of varieties that you would usually be able to at this stage in a warmer year, but the quality and quantity of what you supplied looks to be very good.
Thank you

21st May 2012 

Plant arrived safely, well packaged and in excellent condition.
Thank you very much for prompt delivery.  I look forward to placing more orders with you.

Mary Fee

25th June 2011; just wanted you to know the plants arrived in plenty of time, the new garden (to remind my mum of coastal holidays) was planted up yesterday and she was thrilled.
Thank you so much for your help.
Best wishes, Elizabeth.

26th June 201

Thanks a lot for your help - much appreciated. Excellent customer care!

26th May 2010 by e-mail; Thu 08/05/2008 08:24

Thanks Jan,
the plants arrived in great condition - there was even a worm in with them - and they have all taken well in the garden.

7th October 2009, by e-mail;

Dear Jan,Many thanks for your email and excellent service - the plants arrived safely this morning. Thanks, too, for the butterfly conservation information. As a member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, I am trying to make my garden more bumblee-friendly but it's good to know which plants will also benefit butterflies and moths.

Thanks again, Christine Jones, Llandudno
23rd June 2009
Dear Jan
just to let you know that the honeysuckle plants arrived today in fine fettle (plus a free Welsh worm!).  Many thanks

28th May 2009
Hi Jan

Received the plant this morning, thank you so much, not too much the worse for wear, already planted in, the root system on it is very good, so looking forward to seeing it flower.

We have changed the house name to Meadowsweet, has taken 5 years to find a name I really am happy with.

Thanks again and I will keep an eye on the web site for anything unusual.

Hi Jan,

Fantastic delivery, thank you, received my order YESTERDAY. Plants are really healthy specimens  , will certainly use again and will recommend.

Regrds Sandra Clarke

by e-mail;

10 March 2007 19:40
To: jan
Subject: Thank you.

 Hi Jan,
Plants arrived safely this morning. Thank you very much for all your help. I look forward to obtaining further supplies in the future.
Best Wishes.

Good morning Jan,
Thanks ever so much for the packet that you sent me - seeds and literature. I actually had 16 species in my garden on July 17th this year. I have an acre but 1/2 is natural grassland which attracts the likes of C.Blue, Small and Essex Skippers, Ringlet, M.Brown etc. Fingers crossed for a healthy patch of Eupatorium in a couple of years.
You're wonderful.
will keep you infomed,
Dear Jan,

Received plants at 8:00am Weds. No damage at all. Lovely little plants. Have got some bagged farmhouse manure to dig in before planting at the weekend. I will send pictures to you in 3 years when hedge is fully grown, I hope ! :) Many thanks.

Dave Winter

Dear Jan, Many thanks for the all the info you have sent for planting our Bog Myrtle. We will give it our best shot and lets hope they grow well.

Thank you again, Tom Brooke.

Dear Jan,
 Thank you very much for the lovely kidney vetch plants. 
 Many thanks,
Carolyn Webb
The Lost Gardens of Heligan
29th March 2008

Dear Jan,
Two beautiful buckthorns arrived safely today in superb condition.  They are lovely, healthy plants with very well developed roots; now heeled in ready for planting tomorrow, one in the new little village community wildlife garden and one in our own little garden.  We do see yellow brimstones in this village, and perhaps one fine day we may have the thrill of eggs laid on our new buckthorns ! 
I am so delighted with the quality of your plants, the low price, the careful packing and your surprising speed of delivery, just thank you so, so much.
Thank you too for enclosing the Butterfly Conservation literature which is particularly useful because I've been out of touch for a long time. I'll certainly be joining in the Moth Count.
 Best wishes,  Graham  Beaumont
Tue 28/10/2008 10:07

Hello Jan
The plants arrived safely this morning.  They will go in as soon as possible.  What a pity the weather is now so cold!
I must tell you how impressed I am with your service.  You have been so helpful and the information and guidance  you've sent is so good plus emails every step of the way and instant delivery!  Thank you very much.
I shouldn't be at all suprised if I order from you again!
With best wishes
6th Novemeber 2008

Hi Jan,
The verbenias arrived safely yesterday - very robust packaging, so no problems !
Many thanks.
Hope that the cheque has arrived with you.

Kind Regards
Judith M Kajda

1st September 2009, by e-mail;

Dear Jan, I am really impressed by the efficiency of your business system- there are many much larger commercial organisations who could learn a lot from you!If this planned planting works I will send you a photo in a year or two.

Many thanks, it has been a great pleasure doing business with you and will recommend you whenever the opportunity arises. Best wishes, Mike Birch, Gloucestershire 

Jan,Thanks for excellent service parcel arrived today Tue 10th 9.00am all safe and sound

21 January 2009 14:44
Re: rosebay willow herb favoursHi Jan,
thanks for getting back to me so quickly. the plants are doing great .If you can do all that that will be great and that cost is fab Thankyou. 
I look forward to hearing back form you and thanks again for all this you are the only stockist of the seed i can find and its our special flower so it means a lot.Jacqui

Hi Jan
Many thanks for your speedy reply and advice. I've taken a picture for you (attached).  I planted it in a pot soon after receiving it. The root ball was still very wet when I planted it and as far as I know it hasn't been allowed to dry out. It has been outside all the time, first of all in a sheltered part of my patio. Couple of weeks ago I moved it out into the sunshine, where it is now in the picture.  Thank you very much for the offer of sending a new cutting.
Kind regards,

Hello again Jan!
It's now end of May and I'm reporting on my Eupatorium ligustrinum. Well, I'm really pleased to say that it's at last showing signs of life! ?As you can see from the attached pic, new shoots have suddenly started appearing from the bottom, which was a total surprise when I first noticed the other morning!  Tiny green shoots had already been appearing on the stems higher up. So fingers crossed it will be okay now, looking forward to the flowers and butterflies!
Thanks for your help and advice.
Angela Jones
Hello Jan,
You may remember I bought a Eupatorium ligustrinum a year ago and I've been very pleased with it. My cousin has fallen in love with it too and wants one for herself.
Many thanks and regards,
Angela Jones

dear lovely to speak to you......and to find someone who really does know their stuff.
please find attached our design as it currently stands. we are now working this up for the main presentation which has to be in by the end of the week.
 I like the idea of the buddleia lots and perhaps the wild ivy forming a carpet on the horizontals - is this enough food for the little ones!
Mark Gabbertas (Designers for Future Gardens)
 Studio Gabbertas
Dawes Road Studios
102 Dawes Road
London SW67EG
Thu 15/05/2008 09:14
Hi.My order has been received, very quick delivery.Thank you for adding extra stems it was most thoughtful of you.They all look to be just what I wanted.So once again thank you for your fast and helpful service.
Regards De Saunders.
Angie Stratton

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 1:58 PM

Dear Jan
I read a review of your 'How to' book in the RHS Garden magazine and bought a copy straight away. I wanted to tell you what an inspiration it has been, and that I have used some of the ideas already to increase the biodiversity in my own garden. One of our small aviaries now has a sedum roof, and a thyme version is in progress for the bike shed. The pond edges have been improved through implementing the moraine garden idea. As well as these projects, I have sown seed for Birdsfoot Trefoil, Vipers Bugloss and two of the ornamental Hemp Agrimonies - really pleased to see that the latter have just germinated today, and the former are getting going nicely. When I noticed an 'infestation' of caterpillars on my Kohl Rabi, I decided to leave them be - they had a good feed but soon disappeared and the Kohl Rabi has hardly suffered at all.

One of the bonuses is in human terms. The lads at Thorncliffe became interested when I went to seek out some lightweight aggregate. My neighbours wanted to know what it was all about, and my grandchildren have also got involved. Since the best view of the sedum roof is from the music studio upstairs, various visitors are also asking questions. 

So thank you, Jan. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Kind regards


On 3 Sep 2011; Excellent Book, many thanks. Great service too!



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